A Doll’s House

By Henrik Ibsen

A new version by Simon Stephens

365 Bristol – “This ode to feminist principles… has been brought bang up to date with a very modern staging which really opens Ibsen’s work up to new, younger audiences…. This is a powerful and thought- provoking piece of theatre which is bold, entertaining and thoroughly lives up to the high expectations I have of this young company.”

Remotegoat – “It’s worth the ticket for that final scene, alone. The rest … is bonus. Visit the Helmers’ in their little house, asap.”

Stagetalk magazine – “The creators, Schoolhouse Productions, say their aim is to breathe new life into classic theatre and this show is solid proof that their formula works”


The Story

“For me. For, for your own sake. For the children! You have no idea what this could do to us”.

Nora, a wife, mother and silly little spendthrift, has kept a secret from her husband, Torvald, for years now.  As the truth is forced out into the open the cracks in their happy marriage begin to show.

Initially condemned as a pro-feminist work, Ibsen’s nineteenth century masterpiece has now been newly adapted for the stage by Simon Stephens and, with the Alma’s Resident Director, Anna Friend’s interpretation, is now presented in a way that is instantly relatable to a modern audience and highlights just how relevant the once controversial themes of the play still are today.


The cast & crew

Nora Helmer – Jasmine Atkins-Smart

Torvald Helmer – Giles Coram

Dr Jens Rank – Daniel Hawthorne

Christine Linde – Jenny Jope

Nils Krogstad – Ben Nash

Anna – Alexandra Stroud

Director – Anna Friend

Producer – Holly Newton

Lighting design – David Jell

Stage Manager – Pamela Giraud-Telme