Abigail’s Party by Mike Leigh

Alma Theatre 31st Oct – 4th November

– The Flaneur

“Anna Friend’s gloriously intimate and flawlessly cast production is one of the finest renderings of the play I have ever seen… Leigh’s knack for structure and sparkling dialogue, coupled with Friend’s sharp and pacy direction are, unlike Beverly and Laurence, a match made in heaven, and certainly give the original a run for its money.”


A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

Simon Stephen’s 2014 Version

Alma Theatre/Swindon Arts Centre/ The Rondo

– 365 Brstol

“This ode to feminist principles… has been brought bang up to date with a very modern staging which really opens Ibsen’s work up to new, younger audiences…. a powerful and thought- provoking piece of theatre which is bold, entertaining and thoroughly lives up to the high expectations I have of this young company.”

– Remotegoat

“It’s worth the ticket for that final scene, alone. The rest … is bonus. Visit the Helmers’ in their little house, asap.”


Two by Jim Cartwright

Alma Theatre / Swindon Arts Centre

Stagetalk Magazine

“The actors bring the characters to life with gusto. They fill each of the vignettes and monologues with pathos and humour (and) is moved slickly along by Anna’s adroit directing… it’s just what good pub-theatre should be.”


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